Monday, 22 June 2015

views from here and over there

views from here and over-there 

afternoon dear follower's im going to start with a rant because as you know i love tying flies for predators , i love looking at flies and the thought and skill that goes into them but then sometimes you come across something that defies belief im referring to this commercially made garbage below

this waste of space is being advertised on the net for the pricey sum of £2.50 to be used for pike , now if this was some dude just starting out i could offer a few words of advice and obviously practice makes perfect and like all of us tiers we learn by our mistakes and im not saying im the greatest pike fly tier out there , those who know me will obviously know im just a guy that loves doing what he does and im not out there to make a heap of cash , in fact the small client list i keep helps me put food on the plate and buy materials .

in fact a lot of guys out there do it for just that and indeed there is a few guys who tie commercially but the difference is they make outstanding flies and are fully involved in the predator fishing world and like me actually fish the flies they make as well.

this garbage is probably made in an african or china tying house and is about as far removed from what we do as it gets to me looking at the fly above and ive actually seen one in the flesh , in fact the guy that showed me it looked at his and then looked at mine with a somewhat bemused look on his face when he saw what he could have got for his money , i did the correct thing and swapped one of mine for his and promptly destroyed it .

so folks please your looking for flies just have a look around places like facebook groups and just ask if anyone can make any , have a look at fly pictures and contact whoever made it and see if they will do you some , most folks will happily oblige and that way you get something decent that will last you a long time , unlike the shit above that will get destroyed in a few fish .

avoid this shit like the plague just aint worth the money , support your local fly tier  in fact in the next few weeks im going to set up a data base to do just that so you dont get suckered into buying this crap

from my vice this week

some bad ass sandeel type flies

coming in at 7 inchs long these things are quite large as far as sandeels go but im probably thinking more along the lines of pike with these as my salt trips are few and far between these days but i think they will do well on both the build is as follows 

hook - 6/0 oshaugnasy
belly - yellow bucktail
tail - white saddle hackle 
back -olive bucktail
flash - a few strands of flashbou (pearl)
over back - barred metz feather
head - medium ezy body
eye - 8mm
thread - clear mono

i kinda like this build think it has a few possibilities but will need to get it wet and see how it swims   

thin sandeel

hook - 4/0 oshaugnassy 
belly - white bucktail / white saddle hackle
back -metz olive barred hackle 
flash - pearl flashbou
head - small ezy body braid
eye - deercreek 5mm gator eye
thread -clear mono 

nice thin profile on this and im guessing quite sexy in the water 

more perch ideas

hook - 1/0 long shanked hook
body - deer creek uv chenille with a barred hackle feathered along the body
tail  -orange foxtail
flash - magnum gold flashbou
eye - aluminium seaeye (medium)
thread - ulttrafine 12/0

ok so if it will catch perch or not remains to be seen, i cant catch the buggers much to the amusement of a local fishery owner who keeps sending me pictures of perch he catches   

classic colour pike fly

hook - sakuma manta 7/0
body - white saddle hackle / white deerhair
flash - pearl flashbou 
head - red bucktail
eye - 8mm silver
thread - clear mono

hook - 7/0 sakuma manta
body - yellow sclappin feathers x2 / yellow bucktail
back - olive bucktail
sides - barred hackle 
flash - chartreuse flashbou 
eye - deercreek gator eye
thread - clear mono

hook - 6/0 bleeding
belly - yellow gliss n glint plus 
back - chartreuse gliss n glint plus 
eye - 8mm deercreek gator eye
flash - red angelhair
thread - clear mono

this was an order from one of my regular customers i tied him up some of my favourite perch flies  these always work well and the red hook dives it a little extra bling 

view from vermont 

brother ken is back amongst us and im more than happy to have him contribute to the blog and hes been in amongst the muskys , bother ken is a massive fan of tying big badass flies with natural materials and ties some darn fine flies below is a few recent catches 

ill let the pictures do the talking

musky from the dugout

capsey musky buster just like brother ken , aint pretty but does the job 

prime vt musky held by a prime vt redneck caught on all natural , while brother ken wears shorts we are still in long trousers in scotland .........darn

ken likes big flies big flies catch ken muskys nuff said should make some of these for big green beasties this side of the pond thanks for the pictures bro

ok so me well im back at work tomorrow and back at the vice some point i hate work gets in the way of fishing

see ya all soon 

Friday, 5 June 2015

a sudden case of memory loss


More adventures stooped big flies for stooped big fish , yup just when you thought it was safe im back at the vice with all sorts of weird stuff coming out my brain onto a hook but hey that’s what I do , I have been quiet this last couple of weeks what with work and getting fly orders out and I had a night out with some old buddys from the 80s but that’s a story I cant tell to protect the innocent amongst you .

Of course your not on this blog to hear about or read about even,  total rock n roll debauchery from people who quite frankly are old enough to know better of course I was sat in a corner drinking coke and reading the womans institute book on cooking muffins .

So down to business and we start with large streamers 

Hook 6/0 - sakuma manta extra 6/0
Belly – prime northern bucktail (yellow)
Back – prime northern bucktail (olive)
Over back – olive ostrich feather
Tail – yellow sclappin (from deercreek)
Eye 0 8mm gator eye (deercreek)
Flash – siver crystal flash
Thread – clearm mono 

Hook 6/0 - sakuma manta extra 6/0
Belly – prime northern bucktail (white)
Back – prime northern bucktail (white)
Tail – white sclappin feathers
Eye – 8mm gator eye (deercreek)
Flash - silver crystal flash
Flash – red angel hair
Thread – clear mono 

Hook 6/0 - sakuma manta extra 6/0
Belly – prime northern bucktail (chartreus)
Back – prime northern bucktail (white)
Tail – white sclappin feathers (whish I could spell that word pffft)
Eye – 8mm gator eye (deercreek)
Flash – silver crystal flash (deercreek)
Thread – clear mono

Flashy flies

Hook – 4/0 mustad saltwater
Belly – er cant remember the name its kinda like longer angel hair
Back – er see above
Tail - sorry as above  
Eye - ah know this one gator eye
Flash – oh the shame (suffering memory loss)
Thread – clear mono 

Recipe as above

Yea ok ill admit that’s probably the most useful fly recipe in the word but you know its Friday its been a really stressy week at work ive cracked open a bottle of walmarts best 5 bucks red wine and to be honest im probably going to do a video for it in the coming weeks as it’s a really fast pattern to make so thanks for putting up with the pissy recipe ……..ill make it up to ya …

A cave in scotland 
freedom will soon be ours 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

mylar baitfish step by step


You will need 

e-z body by hareline (medium)
small eyes 4mm
Crystal or micro flash
angel hair (red)
saltwater hook
(im using a 1/0 for a 3 inch baitfish)
Clear mono thread
Deercreeks diamond flex

1 – cut a section of tubing to your desired length , im using 3 inchs on a 1/0 for every hook size up id add an extra inch , when you get to around 3/0 hooks id start using large tubing . and the reverse lower than 1/0 id go for small tubing , of course you can go very small on these for smaller predators (think about dead drifting smaller sizes in streams for trout ) 

2– Thread the hook eye first through the braid (can be a bit fiddly)  , you can leave the white cotton in the braid as this makes a fine lateral line 

3 – heres how you need the hook to sit so the eye is just poking out the end of braid and the Mylar going back from the where the hook starts to bend 

4 – you should have it looking like this on the hook 

5 – pull the braid back to reveal bare hook shank and add a few wraps of mono 

6 – Take a small amount of angel hair in your desired colour (I think red works really well)

7 – Place on hook shaft and tease round the shank and secure with a few wraps

8 – Take the forward facing section of angel hair and twist into a rope with your fingers and wrap evenly around the hookshank

9 – Then secure with a wrap of mono 

10 – Next take a bobbin needle and push remaining angel hair into the tube 

11- when its all in it will look like this 

12 – Secure with a few wraps of mono till you have formed a head 

13 – turn the hook around in the vice , ready for working the tail in 

14 – as you can see the cotton core makes a great lateral line 

15 – take a small amount of crystal flash 

16 – Heat the end with a lighter and roll to stick the ends together, this makes it easier to place in the tubing 

17 – place into the tubing 

18 – Add a few wraps of mono to secure and tie off

19 – Trim any uneven flash to form an even tail profile

20 – Turn hook around and we are ready for building the head 

21 – Place a small eye on just behind the eye of the hook 

22 – add a drop of deercreeks diamond flex uv behind the eye and zap with a uv pen (if you don’t have uv product you can use either epoxy or super glue and varnish but this does take a while to build up a good head shape)

23 – Rotate the hook and continue to build up layers 

24 – I build up the head by doing the top then the side then the bottom until you get the right head shape . (if using epoxy coat the head then place in a rotary drier till dry) 

25 – When your happy with the head shape you can then move onto the tail

26 – Add a small drop of uv to secure the tail in 

And boom there you have it; tell me that aint a great little pattern

(a cave in scotland)