Thursday, 19 March 2015

silicone fishhead sandeel sbs



2/0 dai riki hooks 
large sandeel fish heads
diamond fine uv (the only non tacky out there)
icelandic sheep hair white / olive
deer creek crystal flash
clear mono thread
a tube of silicone 

hook in the vice (obviously)

attatch thread down the length of the hook shank

add a small amount of gorilla glue to the shank  

take a piece of white Icelandic sheep hair (length is depending how long you want the eel) and tease out the soft hair from the butt end 

tie on from the hook eye and finish off where the back of the head sits (just place the head on to get the correct measurement) and bring the thread back up to the hook eye

take a piece of red angel hair and tie in on the under side of the shank  

fold over loose angel hair and tie down to the back of the sheep hair 

tie in the same length of olive sheep hair 

add a couple of lengths of crystal flash and finish off at the back of the hook

place the head on and get the position correct , the bottom of the fish head should sit flush with the hook shank  

flip the hook in the vice and make sure your happy with the positioning , then tie in a couple of wraps at the nose (there is a little tag that makes this easy to hold for position )

add a small amount of diamond fine to hold the head in position

next take a pinch of silicone (i find it best to place it on my finger makes it easier for working on the head)

spread along the head , filling in the gap on the head and over the body (not as messy as it seems)

i finish off just behind the head 

and leave for a few mins to dry 

and there you have a great looking sandeel , using silicone gives the head a life like feel 

these things are not only good for sea species , i have caught a ton of pike on them as well give it a try youll be surprised just how good these things look in the water 

other stuff from the cave 

a couple of size 10 perch fries for a pal, finished with deer creek gator eyes and diamond fine uv

quite enjoined making these although making flies this small is a bit of a novelty for me i could hardly see the hook .......good fun and cool looking fish snacks 

(a cave in scotland)

Sunday, 8 March 2015

salty snacks and plans afoot

Challenge accepted from a man on an island

Ok so it started out as a facebook post to the destroyer I was tagged in 
There's your fly tying challenge (that Dave Lindsay might want to have a shot at too.) Small coal fish. 6 inches long. A staple diet of sea trout around the coast of Shetland. Needs to be saltwater resistant, durable , easy to cast and catch fish. 

Found this really interesting as id made flies for Pollock but never made a Pollock fly so happy as every to have a go

So gliss and glint was the way to go obviously J

Used a 3/0 mustad saltwater hook and a gliss and glint body, I actually whipped this up while I was waiting for my oven chips to cook 

And to finish a nice large eye 

sorry folks ive tried  for half an hour to try and fix the paragraphs in white and cant fix it , bugger

Encased in epoxy the eye ads weight as well as action on the retrieve (looks quite pink in the picture, not quite that pink in reality)  actually for a fly that I chucked together while waiting for my chips to cook I think it hits the spot …..May try it for pike as well 

I have a 2 day salty trip coming up shortly so although I don’t need too I started on some more sandeel patterns just in case

So in no particular order heres a few of my favourite patterns 

Marabou sandeel

Hook - dia riki 2/0
Thread – clear mono
Body – dark olive marabou
Flash – deer creek pearl crystal flash
Head – deer creek fish headz 

Hook - dia riki 2/0
Thread – clear mono
Body – gliss n glint plus (chartreuse)
Flash – red angel hair
Head – silicone
Eye - 5mm gator eye  

Deep sandeel
Hook - dia riki 2/0
Thread – clear mono
Body – gliss n glint plus (blue and pearl)
Flash – predator flash
Head – mega braid tube  
Eye - 5mm 3d flat foil eye  

Diamond fine uv sandeel

Hook - dia riki 2/0
Thread – clear mono
Belly  – gliss n glint plus (white)
Body – 2 white saddle hackles
Back – olive sheephair
Back – 1 barred saddle hackle
Flash – crystal flash flash
Head – mega tube braid
Eye - 5mm gator eye  

same pattern different gator eye 

So there you go this time next week ill be on my way back after hopefully 2 days of catching these things (which by the way fight like stink on the fly)

Or if im really good mabey some of these
(from the venue were fishing)

 One things for sure its going to be a lot of fun fishing into 60ft of water and connecting with these things J im actually quite excited

And you know with scenery like this catching fish is a bonus 

A big shout out to my fishing partner in crime for next week james who has put me onto some great fishing, hopefully have some cool stuff to share next week as well as hotel horror storys cheers jim J

Hi im James  they call me Alaska bob in these parts hmmm

Later folks
( a cave in scotland) 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

day 7 - end of days

DAY 7 
end of days

so day 7 and the last day of 7 flies in 7 days (sort off) lost passwords and called into work delayed things ha the best laid plans and all the that blahhh

so the last tie is 
fish head sandeel 

 hook - dai riki 2/0
belly - Icelandic sheep hair (white)
back Icelandic sheep hair (olive)
flash -2 strands of green holographic flashbou
throat - red angel hair 
head - deercreek fish head
thread - clear mono 

 fish slam this fly like the toilet door when the plagues in town , , fish it in the salt or fish it in the river current hung hi so it sits in the current and wait for the slam 

see ya all soon 

( a loveless lonely cave in Scotland)

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

DAY 6 .........

DAY 6 

actually its day 7 (i think ) got called into work and work 25.5 hours as somebody was ill , so not being able to use the works computer which kinda left me stuffed for lasts nights post so here it is 

all purpose fresh water baitfish 

hook 6/0
overback - black crystal flash blended with black gliss n glint
throat - red angel hair 
head - epoxy mask 

total length 7 inchs 

ok so tomorrow is the final day and at this particular moment i have no idea what im tying (no pressure then) see ya all tomorrow

big shout out to brother ken in Vermont who emerged from his leach and bean infested swamp to say hi on yesterdays post ........miss my bro get your dumb redneck backside back in the ozone 

a dumb redneck but awesome fly tier 


Monday, 16 February 2015

day 5



thread - clear mono
hook - dai riki 2/0
body - white bucktail 
flash - 2 strands of crystal flash (cut in half 4 pieces)
eyes - red dumbbell 
head - finished with diamond fine uv 

probably the most successful fly i use for sea bass and fast and easy to tie a bunch 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

day 4 small fly funk


small stuff

go to canal roach fly 

hook - size 22 wet fly hook
body - i strand of black crystal flash
head - half a peacock herl 
body covered with diamond fine uv 

this is my pretty much go to fly for roach fishing in clear canals (i also have a red version for summer) i fish these in teams of 3 on a 3 wgt outfit absolutely great fun 

(sorry for the rubbish picture bad light and a bad camera man :-) )

Saturday, 14 February 2015

day 3


perch perch baby

hook - 5/0 stinger
belly - orange gliss n glint plus
back - jackpike gliss n glint plus 
overback - welsh slate gliss n glint plus
eye 8mm doll eye 
head - 30 min z poxy 
thread - clear mono
(z poxy was used rather than uv cure due the the stems on the eyes , once epoxy is applied inside the back of the head this provides a firm platform for the stems and also provides weight to the head which gives the fly a fantastic sink and draw action )